sarantis mantzourakis

Classicals to bouzouki and to symphonic orchestra

Sarantis Mantzourakis performed to classicals to bouzouki first in Hungary. For instance, Mozart: Symphony in G minor, Brahms: Hungarian Dances, Bizet: Carmen suite, Dvorak: Slaviconic Dance. He stepped on stage with the Symphonic Orchestra of the Hungarian State Opera House in the BM Duna Palota in 1999, and in the Pesti Vigado In 2000.


Pieces of Greek folkmusic to symphonic orchestra and solo singers also enriched these concerts with an unique athmosphere. Titles from the repertoire: Acropolis Phantasy, Omorfi Poli, Patrida, Singers: Christou Olympia, soloist of the Opera House, and Sarantis Mantzourakis.


In his rewritings of renowed international and Greek classical compositions and traditional folksongs the bouzouki takes a prominent part as a solo instrument in the symphonic orchestra that creates a completely new sound. The bouzouki appears not only as the instrument of folkmusic but the instrument of classical orchestras. Naturally, the strong character of the Mediterranean vocalic style can't be missed from these concerts.


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